Nav 9.1: What is on the agenda?

Length Browsing: 25 minutes Reporting: 25 minutes
  • To assess what is currently on the ‘the agenda’ of the EU by analyzing conclusion from the European Council
  • To locate European Council conclusions
Introduction European Council meetings are often one of the first starting points of the agendasetting process at EU level. You will explore its agenda relate it them to the different motives political actors have for bringing these issues to the EU arena.
  • Go to the website of the European Council and download the Conclusions of the latest European Council meeting
  • Which issues were on the agenda of this meeting?
  • Are you aware of all these issues or does the agenda contain issues that you have not heard of?
  • How salient were the issues brought forward by the European Council? Does it make sense that the European Council discussed these issues and not others? If yes, why? If not, which other issues would you have expected to be on the agenda? (i.e.: think of the political as well as the public importance of the agenda).
  • Give at least two reasons the European Council could have for tackling these issues at the EU level instead of leaving the responsibility (solely) to the member states.