Nav 4-2: Tracking a legislative process

Length Browsing: 25 minutes Reporting: 20 minutes
  • To gain a better understanding of how legislative decision-making procedures evolve in practice.
  • To learn how to navigate the EP’s Legislative Observatory and get acquainted with Pre-lex.
Introduction In this exercise, you will follow the legislative track of a piece of legislation adopted under the ordinary legislative procedure. The European Parliament has a very useful website that allows you to follow the legislative steps as well as summarizes the major events in every stage of the procedure.
  • Go to the EP’s Legislative Observatory search form.
  • Leave the search field empty and press OK.
  • You will now get a list with all documents and on the left and a menu allowing you to refine your search.
  • Under Parliamentary Term select ‘9th term 2014-2019’
  • Under Type of legislative act select ‘Regulation’ or ‘Directive’
  • Under Procedure status select ‘Completed’
  • Click on any of the decisions adopted. You will now get an overview of the different stages and a summaries for each stage. (There may also be a link to Pre-Lex, the Commission’s database. This allows you to further scrutinize the stages of the procedure.)
  • Using Oeil (and if necessary Pre-Lex), summarize the different steps in the procedure and compare them to the sequence set out in figure 4.1 of the book.
  • To what extent has the original proposal been modified by the Council and/ or the EP? Make use of the summaries  offered on the Oeil website in order to answer this question.

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