Nav 5-2: Promoting the EU

Length Browsing: 10 minutes Reporting: 15 minutes (500-800 words)
  •  To find out how the European Parliament promotes itself and the EU.
  • To familiarize yourself with the European Parliament’s YouTube channel. 
Introduction  In chapter 5, we have talked about questions of legitimacy and public opinion, and noted the problem of non-attitude towards the EU. The chapter raised the idea of a ‘European public sphere’ and pointed to the communication departments of EU insitutions and their use of social media channels to inform citizens about themselves. In this exercise, you will engage with such a channel and try to understand how it seeks to promote the EU. 
  • Go to the the European Parliament’s Youtube channel
  • Choose a playlist whose topic you find interesting and watch 4-5 videos.
  • Reflect on the videos in writing. (You can use the questions below but you can also reflect on things not mentioned there.)
  • Which topic did you choose?
  • What picture do the videos paint of the EU?
  • Are they focusing on the EP or the EU as a whole?
  • Are they responsive to current events?
  • Do you find them informative? Did you hear anything that surprised you?

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