Nav 10-1: Negotiating NextGenEU

Length Watching: 60 minutes Reporting: 30 minutes (Approx. 500 words)
  • To see how the European Council seeks consensus in practice.
  • To detect negotiation strategies used by the relevant actors. 
Introduction Chapter 10 describes the way negotiations are conducted between member states in the Council and the European Council. In this exercise, you will see the European Council in action and will be asked to detect the negotiation strategies that are employed by member states and other actors. 
  • Eead chapter 10.
  • Take a look at the European Council’s summary of the summit on NextGenEU.
  • Watch this episode of the Summit documentary, focusing on the NextGenEU package. Password: summits
  • Try to find at least two examples of an individual member state and/or a member state group using negotiating strategies listed in the chapter.
  • Don’t forget to take the European Commission and European Council president Charles Michel into account; they also use negotiating strategies to bring member states together and facilitate compromise.
  • In your report, please provide the time in the documentary as a reference (ie. give the time at which this negotiating tactic starts). (give the time at which this negotiating tactic starts). 
  • In your view, who has been the most succesful in the negotiations? Why? 

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