Nav 10.1: Better regulation

Length Browsing: 10 minutes Reporting: 30 minutes
  • To experience first-hand the set-up of and type of analysis contained in an impact assessment report under the ‘better regulation programme’ and to critically evaluate the role of the report in the political decision-making process.
  • To learn to navigate the European Commission’s Impact Assessment website.
Introduction In order to analyze different policy options to tackle a problem the Commission conducts Impact Assessment to assess the economic, social and environmental effects of different policy choices. These assessments are conducted in close consultation with stakeholders which are invited by the Commission to give their perspective on tackling the problems identified. In this exercise you will examine such an impact assessment and evaluate the Commission’s conclusions.
  • Go to the European Commission’s Impact Assessment website. Go to the list of impact assessments and select (the summary of) a recent impact assessment report.
  • Which problem does the assessment tackle?
  • What policy options does the report discuss? Can you think of other policy options that could have been taken into account?
  • Does the report, in your view, give a fair and balanced analysis of the policy option that is put forward in the Commission proposal?
  • Can you find instances where the report seems to be giving arguments selectively in order to support a preconceived policy preference?
  • In light of the debate on the ‘better regulation programme’ (Controversy 10.1), do you find the impact assessment convincing or not?