Nav 3-2: The European Council and Council


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500-1500 words. (Please do not fixate yourself on the amount of words specified. This is not a paper but an exercise.) 

  • To get a better feel for the functions and tasks of the European Council and Council by looking at their recent activities.
  • To locate relevant documents on recent activities of the European Council and Council.
Introduction Chapter 3 gives a general outline of the tasks and functions of the European Council and the Council. In this exercise, you will look up agendas/ conclusions from meetings of these two institutions in order to get a better feel for their respective roles in EU politics.
  • Read the conclusions and identify examples of the different roles of the European Council and Council as they are outlined in chapter 3 of the book. Does your review of the conclusions correspond to what the book says about these different roles?

  • Are there any things in the conclusions that for some reason surprised you? Explain your answer.

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