Nav 1-1: The EU’s history

Length Browsing: 50 minutes Reporting: 50 minutes
  • Get an insight into one of the historic events that shaped European integration through reviewing archived material from newspapers and other sources
  • Familiarize yourself with the European Navigator, a multimedia tool on the history of European Integration
Introduction Newspapers and personal memoirs are a good way to get a better feel for the major steps of European integration. In this exercise you will select a key moment and find out what the issues and controversies were at the time.
  • Go to the website of the European Navigator  and select the tab with Historical Events. By clicking on subsequent tabs you are able to select a period an event that interests you and that is related to European integration and/or cooperation.
  • Every event contains a synopsis followed by a selection of original documents that illustrate the event (speeches, newspaper articles, letters etc.).
  • Select one event and read three original documents that cover this (note that many documents are in its original language. You can use Google translate to get some feel for their contents).
  • Briefly summarize the documents and indicate the major issues that were at stake according to the different sources.
    • (Pay attention to the perspective from which these articles were written: is it a newspaper, original document or personal account? From which country and in which capacity has the piece been written?)
  • Compare your findings with the three insights from history that are drawn in the conclusion of chapter 1. Does your case provide an example of any of these? If so in what way?
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All exercises copyright Herman Lelieveldt and Sebastiaan Princen 2011