Nav 5.1: Public opinion surveys as policy tools

Length Browsing: 15 minutes Reporting: 25 minutes
  • To find out and understand how the European Commission uses public opinion surveys
  • To familiarize yourself with the press release website of the European Union
Introduction The European Commission regularly conducts public opinion surveys using its Eurobarometer infrastructure. In this exercise you will find out how these surveys find their way in statements of the Commission about EU policies as they are voiced through press releases.
  • Go to the section listing recent Commission press releases  of the EU.
  • In the search field enter ‘Survey’ and or ‘Eurobarometer’.
  • Select a press release of the Commission in which results of a public opinion survey are reported (in most cases this is a Eurobarometer survey).
  • Summarize the press release and indicate how the Commission employs the survey results and why they are referring to it.
  • Do you think the survey results provide relevant information for the policy at hand? Is public opinion relevant for this policy issue?