Please find below an overview of links, organized by chapter. Note that links may appear several times, as they may be relevant to several chapters.

Chapter 1 The Historical Development of the EU
European Navigator A multimedial portal with fact files, documents, pictures and films on European Integration
Official EU History EU timeline on European Integration
Chapter 2 Analyzing the EU
Academic Journals Links to scholarly journals
Think Tank Directory Europe Overview of think thanks on Europe
European Research Papers Archive A good starting point to find papers on the EU
Chapter 3 The Institutional Framework
EUROPA- Institutions and Bodies A useful gateway to all of the EU’s institutions
EUROPA – Treaty of Lisbon Check out Title III of TEU and Part VI of the TFEU for provisions on institutions
Chapter 4 Legislation and Decision-Making: Putting the Institutional Puzzle Together
European Parliament – The Legislative Observatory An excellent tool for tracking decision-making processes that involve the EP. Not exhaustive
Pre-Lex Exhaustive overview of steps taken in decision-making procedures, including all documents and links to voting records.
Council of the European Union Council of Ministers.
EUR-Lex Overview All legislation that is adopted in the EU
Chapter 5 Public Opinion and Political Participation
Eurobarometer – Public Opinion Numerous overviews and analysis on public opinion as conducted by the European Commission.
Gesis- Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences Eurobarometer data files
European Election Studies Survey results on attitudes and behaviour of EU citizens with respect to EP elections
Chapter 6 Interest groups and interest representation
Commission Register of Interest Representatives The European Commission’s Register of Interest Representatives
European Parliament Register of Interest Representatives List of lobbyists accredited to the EP
EESC European Economic and Social Committee
Committee of the Regions
EPACA European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association
SEAP Society of European Affairs Professionals
Chapter 7 Political Parties and the European Parliament
European Parliament Contains the voting records of MEPs and political groups, as well as analysis and background information.
Chapter 8 An overview of EU policy-making
EUR- Lex Overviews of EU legislation and decisions
Pre-Lex Overviews of proposals for legislation that are currently being discussed.
EUROPA – Budget Information on the EU budget.
Eurostat Statistics on economy, government finances and many other things in the EU member states.
Chapter 9 Agenda-setting
Pre-Lex Preparatory documents by the European Commission and overviews of the follow-up to those documents.
European Commission The European Commission publishes a wide range of documents on specific policy issues (including Green Papers, White Papers and other agenda-setting documents).
Chapter 10 Decision-Making
European Parliament – The Legislative Observatory The European Parliament’s ‘legislative observatory’ tracks decision-making processes that involve the EP.
Pre-Lex Steps taken in decision-making procedures that involve the Commission
Council of the European Union The results of votes taken in the Council of Ministers.
Chapter 11 Implementing policies
Comitology Register Specific information and documents on Comitology
Application of EU Law Information on the application of Community law as well as statistics on transposition and infringements
Agencies of the European Union Overview of all the EUs agencies
Court of Justice of the European Union Information on the litigation state of infringements and on references for preliminary rulings
EIF Implementation Database Online database containing all the results of scholarly studies on transposing EU directives.