Nav 3-1: Rulings of the Court of Justice

Length Browsing: 25 minutes Reporting: 30 minutes
  • To explore some recent rulings of the Court of Justice and be able to determine the type of case.
  • To get acquainted with the Court’s website.
Introduction Chapter 3 has shown that the Court of Justice of the European Union plays a pivotal role in monitoring the correct application of EU legislation. In this exercise you will look at the summaries of a number of recent rulings to get an impression of the type of questions it deals with. You are also asked to determine the type of ruling the CJ has engaged in for every case.
  • Browse three recent press releases on rulings and determine which type of ruling it is (Reference for a preliminary ruling, Infringement proceeding or Action for annulment). Note that you can find the correct answers at the bottom of the press release, but try to identify the case initially without looking there.  
  • Were your answers correct? If not, read again and make sure you understand the type of case.
  • What do the rulings teach you about the role of the Court?