Nav 9.2: Reading a Green Paper

Length Browsing: 20 minutes Reporting: 30 minutes
  • To get a further insight into the agenda-setting processes in the EU
  • To learn to access relevant documents in PreLex
Introduction Green Papers are published by the European Commission and offer a starting point for discussing policy options with  stakeholders. In this exercise you will critically examine such a Green paper.
  • Go the European Commission’s Pre-Lex website
  • In the search box enter “Green Paper”
  • Select a Commission Green Paper from the results lists on a topic that interests you and open it
  • What arguments does the European give for putting this issue on the EU agenda? Do you find these arguments convincing?
  • How is the issue framed in the Green Paper? Could you think of an alternative way of framing the issue?
  • Does the Green Paper refer to developments and/or events that have led to its publication? Do these developments and events help you to understand the timing of the publication of the Green Paper, that is, why the Green Paper was published at that specific moment?