Nav 9-2: Reading a Green Paper

Length Browsing: 20 minutes Reporting: 30 minutes
  • To gain further insight into the agenda-setting processes of the EU.
  • To learn to access relevant documents through EUR-Lex.
Introduction Green Papers are published by the European Commission and offer a starting point for policy discussions with relevant stakeholders. In this exercise, you will critically examine such a Green Paper.
  • Go to the EUR-Lex website.
  • Under EU law, choose ‘Preparatory documents’.
  • Click on Search in preparatory documents and in Text search, type ‘Green Paper’.
  • Select a Commission Green Paper on a topic that interests you. Make sure to select an actual Green Paper, and a document following up on a Green Paper.
  • What arguments does the Commission give for putting this issue on the EU agenda? Do you find these arguments convincing?
  • How is the issue framed in the Green Paper? Could you think of an alternative way of framing the issue?
  • Does the Green Paper refer to developments and/or events that have led to its publication? Do these developments/ events help you understand the timing of the publication – that is, why the Green Paper was published at that specific moment?

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