In this menu, we have collected the Navigating the EU exercises.

How to do the exercises

  • The main page of every chapter gives the chapter summary.
  • There are two subpages per chapter, each subpage containing one exercise.
  • Note that your instructor will decide on the precise way in which you will do the exercises (in class/ as homework/ in groups/ alone) and the way you will report on them (written assignment/ solo or group presentation).
  • Every exercise is structure in a similar fashion. Below, we briefly outline these fields:


Length:This field estimates the time you would need to look up the relevant information (Browsing) as well the time you need to report on it in writing (Reporting). The estimates are based upon student evaluations of the exercises.
Goal:This field explains the purpose of the exercise, which is usually twofold:  
– To increase your substantive understanding of a theme.
– To learn to access and search specific websites.
Introduction:A brief intro to the exercise.
Steps:Step by step instructions on what to do.
Questions:Questions to be answered.
Links:Links used in the exercise.
Documents:(If applicable) documents used for the exercise.

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