Nav 11-2: Infringement Proceedings

Length Browsing: 20 minutes Reporting: 25 minutes
  • To explore recent actions of the Commission with respect to infringements on EU law and get a feel for the type of cases addressed.
  • To learn to search for infringement cases via the Commission press release website.
Introduction Chapter 11 has shown that the European Commission plays a pivotal role in monitoring the correct application of EU legislation. In this exercise, you will look at recent infringement cases and see for what reasons the Commission is taking action against member states.
  • The Commission publishes a ‘monthly package of infringement decisions’ on the EU press release website.
  • Go to the Commission’s Press corner.
  • In the Search field on the top right, enter ‘Monthly package of infringement decisions’ 
  • Select one of the press releases.
  • Make a rough count of the number of cases per member state and per policy area and compare these with Figures 11.1 and 11.2 of the book.
  • Select a case for a policy area and member state that interests you by clicking the related press release. You will be directed to a new page with information on the case.
  • Review the information the Commission presents on the case. Which of the three types of problems mentioned in the book is the reason for the Commission’s action: non-communication, incomplete/incorrect transposition or incorrect/no application of legislation? What would be the reason for the member state to not comply with EU legislation?

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