Nav 12-1: Input and output legitimacy

Length Browsing: 15 minutes Reporting: 25 minutes
  • To learn to recognize arguments politicians use to criticize or justify the EU.
  • To connect these arguments to the concepts of input and output legitimacy.
Introduction In this exercise you will listen to arguments that either support or criticize the EU and its policies and connect them to the notions of input and output legitimacy as outlined in chapter 12.
  • Analyze any or more of the statements below in terms of how the EU is being interpreted and defended.
    1. Commission Presisdent Barroso’s empire answer in a press conference on the Lisbon Treaty, June 10, 2007.
    2. BBC radio interview with Frans Timmermans, Dutch minister for European affairs on the Dutch cabinet decision to not hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, September 21, 2007
    3. Speech by Nigel Farage MEP of the UK Independence Party, EP, Strasbourg on how the EU is handling the financial crisis.
  • Does the politician defend or criticize the EU?
  • Which arguments are used and how do they relate to input and output legitimacy?

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