Nav 4.1: Directives and regulations

Length Browsing: 20 minutes Reporting: 30 minutes
  • To get a practical feel for the contents of directives and regulations and the level of detail they may contain.
  • To get acquainted with the Summaries of EU legislation database
Introduction The purpose of this exercise is to get a better feel for the contents of directives and regulations as legislative instruments. The Scadplus website summarizes the major legislation for different policy area in an accessible manner. In this exercise you will look at legislation and see whether you can find differences between directives and regulations.
  • Go to EU summaries of legislation website.
  • Select a policy area that interests you and choose a specific policy listed.
  • Select  an example of both a directive and a regulation in this policy area by clicking at more specific policies within that policy area. Select one directive and one regulation, and make sure it has been decided upon by the Council or by the Council and European Parliament jointly. (Note that the site may also refer to other acts such as ´Communications´, ´Commission regulations´,  and ´Commission decisions´, but ignore these.)
  • Summarize the contents of the directive and the regulation on the basis of the information provided. If necessary look at the full text of the legislation for which you can find a link at the bottom of the page.
  • Compare the two pieces of legislation: is it clear to you why a directive was used in the one and a regulation for the other piece? Make sure to pay attention to the level of detail. Is the regulation more detailed than the directive?