Nav 11.1: Comitology in the EU

Length Browsing: 20 minutes Reporting: 25 minutes
  • To find out to what extent decision making in comitology committees is technical or may be politicized.  
  • To learn to work with the comitology register on the internet.
Introduction The comitology system forms an integral part of the implementation phase of EU policymaking. You will take a closer look at the activities of these committees by browsing the Comitology website.
  • Access the comitology register of the European Commission
  • Click on the tab ‘’search for documents’’ and choose the option ‘’committee’’
  • Under the heading ‘’service responsible’’ you can choose a specific policy area in which a certain committee operates
  • Search for a summary report of a particular committee meeting and answer the following questions:
  • Give a brief summary of the topics that were discussed during that meeting.
  • Were any decisions taken during the meeting? If so were they purely technical decisions, or do you think that they are to some extent political in character?