Nav 10.2: Voting in the Council

Length Browsing: 10 minutes Reporting: 20 minutes
  • To gain a better understanding of voting patterns in the Council.
  • To learn to locate and analyze Council voting records.
Introduction In chapter 10 we have shown that decision-making in the Council is characterized by a culture of consensus. In this exercise you will examine this by looking at the results of votes cast in the Council.
  • Browse the overview of votes taken and identify the instances where there was not a unanimous vote. How often did member states vote against a proposal or abstain? Do the patterns confirm the practice of consensus seeking that the book describes?
  • Often Member States as well as the Commission make use of the possibility to make statements. Is there a relation between the use of statements and the voting behaviour of a member state?
  • Summarize the nature of statements provided. How does the member state justify its opposition? Is it pointing to particular – member state specific – interests that are at stake or is it phrasing its opposition in more general terms? What other motives can you distill from the statements analyzed?