Nav 2-1: Member states and integration theories

Length Browsing: 30 minutes Reporting: 30 minutes
  • To appreciate the relevance of integration theories for understanding the role of member states in EU politics today.
  • To familiarize you with websites dedicated to news on the EU.
Introduction The purpose of this exercise is to apply integration theories to current developments in EU politics. In chapter 2 you learned that the theories of (Liberal) Intergovernmentalism claim that member states are very much in control of integrative steps, while neo-functionalism claims that there is a limit to the control they exert. Through reading recent news reports you will learn to detect the role of member states in a specific policy-area and and decide which theory applies best.
  • Browse the websites of any of these three news-sites
  • Search for a news item that involves (any of) the member states in relation to an EU policy
  • Summarize the news and pay attention in particular to the roles of member states. What does the story reveal about the role of the member states in this policy?
  • Which integration theory would best be able to explain the events?