Nav 2-2: Researching the EU

Length Browsing: 40 minutes Reporting: 40 minutes
  • To locate current research on the EU.
  • To relate these studies to theoretical approaches.
Introduction A wide range of academic research investigates the EU, often building upon the approaches discussed in chapter 2. In this exercise, we invite you to have a look at current research. This enables you to identify the most relevant questions studied today and to relate them to the theories covered in the chapter.
  • Go to the list of journals on EU politics on the Navigating the EU website, and choose one journal.
  • Go to the homepage of the journal and select the most recent issue. See if you can find articles dealing with the EU.
  • By clicking on the article title, you will be able to read the abstract. (The abstract is a short summary of the article that you can always read for free – you do not have to read the full article for this exercise.) Copy and paste the abstract to a new document.
  • Repeat this for two other journals.
  • Read the abstracts and try to figure out which approaches mentioned in chapter 2 is used to analyze the EU and provide an argument for your choice. Try to be as specific as possible, by pinpointing a specific branch of either theories of integration or theories of EU politics.
  • If you have difficulty figuring out the approach, make it clear why it is difficult. Is it a matter of not being able to choose between two different approaches, or do you feel that the approach is not covered in the book? Explain. 
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