Nav 2.2: Researching the EU

Length Browsing: 40 minutes Reporting: 40 minutes
  • To locate current research on the EU
  • To relate these studies to theoretical approaches
Introduction Many scholars are currently involved in studying the EU in one way or another. Their research very often builds upon the approaches that have been discussed in chapter 2. In this exercise we invite you to have a look at current research. This enables you to identify the most relevant questions which are studied today and to relate them to the theories covered in chapter 2.
  • Go to the list of journals on EU politics on this website
  • Go to the homepage of the journal and select the most recent issue. See if you can find some articles that deal with the EU.
  • By clicking on the article title, you will be able to read the abstract. (this is a short summary of the article that you can always read for free – you do not have to read the full article for this exercise.) Copy and paste the abstract to a new document.
  • Repeat this for two other journals.
  • Read the abstracts and try to figure out which of the approaches mentioned in chapter 2 is used to analyze the EU and what makes you think so. Try to be as specific as possible, by pinpointing a specific branch of either theories of integration or theories of EU politics.
  • If you have difficulty figuring out the approach, make clear why it is difficult. Is it a matter of not being able to choose between two different approaches, or do you feel the approach is not covered in the book? Explain. 
Links  List of journals