Nav 7.1: National versus European political parties

Length Browsing: 15 minutes Reporting: 20 minutes
  • To link national political parties to the political groups they belong to in the European Parliament
  • To learn to navigate the European Elections Database.
Introduction Chapter 7 has outlined that national political parties are organized in political groups and in European political parties according to ideological affinity. In this exercise you are asked to predict to which group each national political party belongs. (Note that you can look up this info  on the website of the European Parliament, but this is not the point of the exercise 😉.
  • The European Election Database (EED) provides comprehensive (statistical) resources concerning parliamentary elections in all of the EU member states
  • Go to the page that hosts information on domestic political parties in the country of your choice. The page lists the main political parties in the country and provides a brief characterization of their ideology.
  • For each domestic party, write down which European political group in the EP you think it belongs to. You can find a list of EP political groups in Table 7.1 of the chapter.
  • Check your results by going to the parties and elections website.
  • Were all of your predictions correct? If not, why do some parties belong to a different political group than you expected?
  • How is the political party structure in the EU? Does it have the same ideological underpinning as the party system of your chosen country (left-right)?